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Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the Application ezy-edu. This application is owned and operated directly by PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA (hereinafter referred as “ezy-edu").

The vendor hereby declares that the Vendor is a capable person and is capable of binding himself in a legal agreement.

Terms & Conditions set forth below govern the use of services offered by PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA is related to the use of the Application ezy-edu.

Vendors are advised to read carefully and carefully because it can have an impact on rights and obligations legally for the Vendor.

By accessing or using the Application ezy-edu, the Vendor is automatically considered to have read, understood, understood and agreed to the entire contents of the Terms and Conditions, terms of use, conditions, and all applicable legal provisions. If the Vendor does not approve one, part or all of the contents of these Terms & Conditions, Vendors are not permitted to use the Application service ezy-edu and ask you to immediately cancel the use of this Application ezy-edu.



1.   PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA is a limited liability company that runs a web portal service business activity, which is related to the ezy-edu application, which is a school search application around the User. Next is called ezy-edu.

2.   The ezy-edu site is

3.   The ezy-edu application is a computer program in the form of a data search program in the form of school information or the nearest place of learning from the User or place desired by the User.

4.   Terms and conditions of an agreement between the users of ezy-edu that contains a set of rules governing the rights, obligations, responsibilities, users of ezy-edu as well as the procedures for use of the ezy-edu system, the User are deemed to agree on the terms and conditions ezy-edu if you use the ezy-edu application, by accessing the application ezy-edu, these terms and conditions are automatically deemed agreed and accepted by the User.

5.   Users are parties who use the ezy-edu service or someone who searches for products offered by Vendors on the application ezy-edu, including but not limited to other parties who only visit the ezy-edu.

6.   Vendors are registered users who take action to offer educational programs for a certain period of time and/or make offers or services in the field of education to users of the application ezy-edu.

7.   Service products are programs related to education within a certain time offered by the Vendor.



1.  Vendors understand and approve ezy-edu only as an intermediary to collect registration fees to Users.

2.  Vendors understand and agree ezy-edu users can make payments through ezy-edu pay or Nicepay as they wish.

3.  Vendors understand and agree ezy-edu will incur a 5% fee for every transaction between users and vendors through ezy-edu pay or Nicepay.

4. Vendors understand and agree ezy-edu is an Application provider to help facilitate the search for the nearest educational institution from the user's residence or any location desired by the User.

5.  The vendor understands and agrees ezy-edu is not responsible for the service or errors of the Vendor.

6.  Vendors understand and agree to ezy-edu not forcing users to take certain educational institutions or vendors.

7.  Vendors agree and guarantee that the education taught by them does not conflict with the Principles of Pancasila and the applicable laws in Indonesia.

8.  The vendor agrees and guarantees and fully supports the protection of the child in the environment where the education service is carried out by the Vendor.

9.  Vendors hereby understand and agree that the misuse of photos / images uploaded by the Vendor is the sole responsibility of the Vendor.

10. The vendor guarantees that every picture / photo of his is not owned by another person protected by either brand law or copyright.

11. PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA is not responsible, if there is a dispute between the Vendor and another Party, relating to a Brand or Copyright dispute displayed on the ezy-edu platform.

12. This policy is subject to applicable law in the Republic of Indonesia in relation to information protection and if needed by law enforcement agencies for legal purposes such as law enforcement or prevention of violations of law, we will release legally required information to law enforcement officials in accordance with court directives in jurisdictions competent.

13.  PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA have the right to temporarily freeze or delete content belonging to the Vendor, if there are complaints or objections from Third Parties relating to the intellectual property rights of these third parties that are allegedly used by the Vendor without legal permission.

14.  PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA have the right at any time to freeze and or delete content belonging to the Vendor temporarily, if it does not meet the Terms & Conditions, applicable regulations, and applicable advertising ethics.

15.  PT EZY EDU INDONESIA has the right to delete all forms of writing that can negatively affect the use of the ezy-edu platform.

16.  When Vendors upload to the application ezy-edu with Content or post Content, Vendors provide ezy-edu Non-Exclusive Rights, worldwide, continuously, not canceled, royalty-free, sublicensed (through several levels) the right to exercise any and all copyrights , publicity, trademarks, database rights, and intellectual property rights that Vendors have in the Content, in any media that is known now or in the future. Furthermore, to be fully permitted by applicable law, Vendors override moral rights and agree not to claim these rights to ezy-edu

17.  The vendor understands and agrees that any claims filed by the User for the services of the Vendor are the responsibility of the Vendor, and not the problem of ezy-edu;

18.  The vendor fully understands and agrees that the transactions that occur are between the User and Vendor, and ezy-edu only acts as an intermediary.

19.  Vendors understand and agree that any problems and/or disputes that occur as a result of disagreements between Users and Vendors about the quality of the Vendor are not the responsibility of the ezy-edu

20. Vendors who have registered and fulfilled the requirements have the right to act as vendors who post information and promotions on the application ezy-edu about the quality and quality of education programs offered.

21.  Everything contained in ezy-edu is made with the aim only to provide general information and to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information in ezy-edu is correct at the time of publication. However, ezy-edu is not responsible for guarantees or guarantees regarding the accuracy, timeliness, validity and security of the information provided by the Vendor.

22.  ezy-edu cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage, compensation to any other party caused by the use of ezy-edu, or caused by changes and/or deletion of information and/or suspension or the cessation of ezy-edu.

23.  ezy-edu without prior notification to the Vendor, has the authority to take necessary actions for any suspected violations or violations of the terms and conditions and/or applicable law, namely actions in the form of: account suspense, and / or deletion of a Vendor account.

24.  ezy-edu has the right to change or delete any content that is uploaded on the platform of ezy-edu without prior notice.

25.  ezy-edu can suspend or stop services from the application ezy-edu at its sole discretion at any time without notice.


Content contained in the ezy-edu Application (information, graphics, video, audio, programs, designs, etc.) is protected by brand laws, copyrights, or regulations related to Intellectual Property (Intellectual Property Right). Any use of such content, may not be reproduced, modified or distributed can only be done with written permission from PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA. Material can be downloaded from the application ezy-edu, stored on a personal computer and printed for the personal benefit of the user but not for redistribution.

 "ezy-edu" and every product or service names ezy-edu is a trademark or registered trademark of PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA. This trademark may not be used or reproduced without permission from PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA. Other product names and company names mentioned on this website may also be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Please do not use the trademark without the permission of the holder.




This application may contain links to third party web services that are not under control or managed by PT. EZY EDU INDONESIA, That ezy-edu provides links to these third-party websites solely for your convenience and ezy-edu never intended to recommend these sites. The use of all forms of information from the intended link is your responsibility, including responsibility to Third Parties.

ezy-edu is not responsible for the content of third party websites and is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to the use of links to this application ezy-edu.


EZY-EDU can revise the terms of use of this application at any time, without prior notice by updating this post, so that confirmation from you every time you access and or use this ezy-edu is required.


For information on how ezy-edu handles customer personal information, please see our Privacy Policy .


1.   ezy-edu is a technology company that provides a platform in the form of innovative software with a marketplace concept that serves as a means to connect Users with Vendors. ezy-edu does not provide products, acts as a product provider, or as a vendor. Vendors understand that ezy-edu is not involved, and is not a party to the transaction. Thus, ezy-edu has no power over the quality, accuracy, security or legality of the Transaction and has no power over the accuracy of the list, Vendor's page, or Vendor's ability to provide products that they offer on the Platform ezy-eduezy-edu is only obliged to manage the platform ezy-edu as well as possible to facilitate search, including but not limited to, providing ezy-edu Pay and Nicepay. Therefore, the Vendor releases ezy-edu from all forms of responsibility for or all or part of the loss experienced by the User.

2.   ezy-edu is not responsible for any services that Vendors provide to Users, and for any illegal actions carried out by Vendors. Users are prohibited from expressing, or causing any party to understand that ezy-edu is an agent, or representative of a Vendor. It is up to the Vendor to offer the Product to the User and depends on the User whether to accept the Product offer from the Vendor;

3.   In managing and providing services through the platform ezy-eduezy-edu always maintains the security of the information provided by Users and Vendors by implementing a security system that is as optimal as possible. But to note that, it is very possible for the loss or leakage caused by illegal acquisition by other parties. Thus ezy-edu does not declare and guarantee that the platform is free from the threat of information loss or leakage caused by other parties where it is also experienced by many parties.

4.   ezy-edu is committed in its efforts to comply with applicable laws governing the protection of personal data, however, in special situations, if ezy-edu is required by law to disclose personal information, especially if disclosure is deemed necessary to prevent a safety threat soul or health, or for other law enforcement purposes, ezy-edu will comply legally.


ezy-edu respects the intellectual property rights and privacy of others. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been violated or you have questions or complaints about this website, please contact us by email


Provisions for the use of this Application are regulated and explained in accordance with the laws and regulations applicable in the Republic of Indonesia. If a dispute arises from or relates to this Application Service, a settlement will be sought by means of deliberation to reach consensus, but if an agreement is not reached, then a settlement will be made in the North Jakarta District Court, Indonesia.

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